Will Esha Gupta do a film on Parveen Babi and her men?

Director Ashok Kumar Jha would like to cast Esha Gupta in his now re-launched project The Three Kings based on the life of Parveen Babi and her lovers.

Starlet Pranita Nikki Singh is all set to star in a second lead role in her debut international film titled “The Three Kings”. The film is said to be loosely based on the life of Parveen Babi and also has characters resembling filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, Bollywood stalwart Amitabh Bachchan and actor Kabir Bedi, who were important men in the late actress’s life.

The film was launched in 2009 by Spectra Multimedia Films but was indefinitely delayed as one of the producers passed away and the project was shelved.

Director Ashok Kumar Jha has now taken over the project, the script and all the rights and has re-launched the film

The script for “The Three Kings” had been penned by film journalist Flynn Remedios, who spent over three years researching the project. It will hit the floors end-November and is directed by director Reynold Baines and Ashok Kumar Jha. The film is expected to be completed by end 2018 and will release in mid 2019.

According to the PTI report, even as a new film threatens to rake up dirt about the alleged Parveen Babi-Amitabh Bachchan relationship, the superstar comes clear of the old accusations saying that such controversies have stopped affecting him.

“I don’t know where they are getting all this rubbish from because it’s all untrue. But what can you do, it is another artiste’s perception of who I am,” Bachchan had told PTI in an interview.

Apart from wife Jaya, Bachchan made the maximum films with Babi, including cult classics like “Kaalia” and “Amar Akbar Anthony”.

Meanwhile, Mahesh Bhatt had told DNA: “I’ve no imagined greatness to think that a film will misrepresent me. A creative person is free to interpret real-life incidents. I don’t feel I will drag them to court even if they name me in the film. A real life story needs to be treated with a pinch of salt.”

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