Stuck in a wheelchair for years, new hips help 45 year old walk again – Complex and rare surgery performed at Central Hospital, Bhopal

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, September 29, 2015 / — The City of Lakes is increasingly becoming adept at performing complicated surgical procedures and restoring lives.45 year old Umesh Agrawal, who lost complete mobility and was bedridden for past three years, is learning to walk again after successful hip replacement surgery by, renowned joint replacement surgeon Dr. Vinay Tantuway at Central Hospital here in Bhopal. Umesh was diagnosed of Ankylosing Spondylitis 10 years ago and since then had been suffering in pain. As the case was complicated, 6-7 surgeons in the city over past 4 years, advised him to undergo Hip Replacement surgery at a super specialty hospital in Delhi or Mumbai. None of the surgeons consulted were optimistic about good surgical results.

A ray of hope finally struck when the patient consulted Dr. Vinay Tantuway during his weekly OPD at Central Hospital here in Bhopal. After examining the patient and his medical history, Dr. Tantuway recommended replacement of both the hips. Equipped with fine surgical skills and trained in Joint Reconstruction, Preservation and Computer assisted joint Replacement Surgery in Germany & Singapore respectively, Dr. Tantuway was confident of successful surgery and significant improvement in patient’s quality of life.

At the age of 35, Ankylosing Spondylitis started causing pain inpatient’spelvis joint leading to difficulty in walking and climbing stairs. As the disease progressed, it caused severe bone erosion and deformity, making him completely immobile and bedridden. Any movement, if at all was possible, could happen only with wheelchair.

Performing Total Hip Replacement surgery on severe Ankylosing Spondylitic patient with acute deformity, required highly experienced and trained surgeon, infrastructure of super specialty level and knee implants of very fine quality. All of which are available at Central Hospital. Surgery was performed using advanced hip replacement system from leading US based company Stryker.

Commenting about patient’s condition, Dr. Tantuway said, “This was a complicated case as patient had suffered severe bone erosion and deformity. Head of hip joint had had moved inside the pelvis and years of immobility had caused significant muscle spasm and weakening.Cases like these require special training, detailed planning and right selection of implant for surgery to be successful.While the case was medically challenging, patient’s poor state of mind due to years of suffering made it even more difficult.”

“Joint replacement is a routine procedure in Bhopal, but for complex cases such as this, patients had to travel to metro cites like Delhi or Mumbai. Since such surgeries require longer hospitalization and post-op follow-up, out of city travelling and treatment causes huge inconvenience to the patient and family. Moreover, the cost of treatment is also high in such cases. I am extremely happy that we are able to help residents of Bhopal with high-end treatment within their own city” added Dr. Tantuway.

Post surgery, the results have been very encouraging.Very next day, patient was put on weight bearing walking. Within a week, he could walk, jog, cycle and perform other activities of daily routine, which were earlier not possible. He has been put on rehabilitation plan which will help him restore muscle strength and increased mobility.

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