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New Delhi, Delhi, September 13, 2017 /– To cater to Global Requirements of Engineering Compounds, is setting up Its 2nd World Class Plant with an investment of over INR 500 Million.

(Clean Energy Consumption with Captive Solar Power Plant& Conservation of Water)

Key Highlights

  • Pioneers in providing Global Solutions for the Plastic Industry
  • Gearing up with a Production Capacity of over 20,000MT/Year
  • World Class Testing Lab as per ASTM standards. Certified with ISO/TS 16949Quality Management System

Diversified Product Range to serve multiple Industries such as Automotive, Electrical & Electronic Appliances, Industrial and Consumer Goods, Packaging and Construction, …to name a few!

CalcoPoly Technik is India’s fastest growing enterprise, providing its Customers with value added products, services and innovative solutions encompassing product development in different market verticals.

Since 1999, the Calco Group has set itself apart with sublime focus in maintaining Superior Product Quality and seeking new opportunities for Research & Development.

Calco (provides) complete range of High Performance Polymers, color and additives solutions, meeting the most critical operational requirements and technical specifications. The manufacturing process relies on Slim-Line, High Degree of Automation, and Flexible Utilization of the Production Facility.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta, Founder & MD, Calco Group said, The Calco Group with a turnover of over INR1000 Millions has reinforced its contribution in the Plastic Industry by setting up its 2ndPlant at, Haryana with an investment of over INR 500 Millions. It would be a state of the art production facility with World Class material handling equipments in a built up area of 100,000 sq. feet, planned to be up and running by end of 2018.

As a part of our Commitment to ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, we have Commercialized Indigenous Technology on Eco Friendly Plastic, in Collaboration with DRDO, Ministry of Defense.

He also added that Calco, utilization of natural resource. Therefore, the New Plant is based on Eco-Friendly Solutions and will be Solar Powered with Clean Energy Generation Concept with reuse of water resources!”

Vision of Calco Poly Technik is to be India’s Most Preferred Global Plastic Solution Provider, through growth and enrichment to its Associates and the Community in which it operates. It also aims to further strengthen its relationships with OEMs & Tier – I / II Industry. Calco Poly Technik at present caters to its Customers from diverse Industries viz. Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Appliances and Industrial Goods …to name a few!

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Varun Gupta, Director, Calco Poly Technik said, The optimism for developing niche specialty Polymer Products is driven by our technology and R&D capabilities. Calco Team is inspired to transform its business from commodity led to knowledge driven. Calco Poly Technik focuses on developing a strong Product Portfolio and work on innovative solutions to further strengthen customer relationship and build partnerships with Global Players.

He also added, “With more than 500 customers across all segments, 90 % of Total Sales are powered by the Automotive and Electrical & Electronics segment. By the end of 2020, the Compound Annual Growth Rate will observe 30%Inflation with total production capacity of 30,000MT/Year, total area of 120,000 Sq. Feet, and estimated sales of INR 2500 Million.

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About Calco

CALCO is one of the leading providers of High Performance Polymers, Color and Additive Solutions. With an experience of over 18 years and serving more than 1000 Customers, we are focused to become India’s Most Preferred Global Plastic Solution Provider. Our multiple Production facility, with Total Production Capacity of 20KTPA ensures we cover wide variety of markets and end-use-applications. In addition, our Team of 100+ Associates provides Customers with Efficient and Innovative Solutions, ensuring Profitable Growth for everyone. Calco Group’s Mission is supported by our Core Value: Sustainability. Calco Poly Technik currently operates with Head Office in Delhi and Pan India Strategic Distribution Network for Efficient Supply Chain and improved Customer Service.

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Louis Berger selected as design consultant for interstate road modernization in India

Gurgaon, Haryana, August 30, 2017 /– The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has selected Louis Berger to provide consultancy services for the preparation of detailed designs to upgrade roads (approximately 820 kilometers, or 510 miles, in total length) for two major road packages in southern India under the Bharatmala – Pariyojna scheme. Through these and similar projects, the Indian government aims to develop economic and interstate transport corridors, feeder routes and coastal thoroughfares to improve freight movement in the country.

“We are honored to support India’s objectives for two of its key road projects to better serve motorists across several states,” said Kshitish Nadgauda, senior vice president and managing director for Louis Berger in Asia. “These projects will make the roads wider, safer and more efficient while protecting the environment and enabling local and regional economic development.”

The two roads to be modernized under this project are the highway between the state of Tamil Nadu and the union territory of Puducherry in the Indian southern peninsula, and the road that links the nearby states of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Goa.

Louis Berger will first establish the technical, economic and financial viability of the current road modernization projects. The firm will then prepare the design, carry out all necessary studies to support interstate four- or six-lane road and economic transport corridor development, and assess various funding options for the modernization works. The projects will include road widening and alignment; repaving; upgrades to intersections, bridges, bypasses and service roads; new toll plaza design; and improvements for more efficient traffic flow. Our multidisciplinary team will also draft tender documents and support the client during the works procurement process.

Louis Berger has over 20 years of experience in India, working across a wide range of sectors, including bridges and tunnels, highways and roads, rail and transit, aviation, and smart cities, in support of India’s infrastructure development goals.

Notes to Editor

About Louis Berger

Louis Berger is a global professional services corporation that helps infrastructure and development clients solve their most complex challenges. We are a trusted partner to national, state and local government agencies; multilateral institutions; and commercial industry clients worldwide. By focusing on client needs to deliver quality, safe, financially-successful projects with integrity, we are committed to deliver on our promise to provide Solutions for a better world.

Louis Berger operates on every habitable continent. We have a long-standing presence in more than 50 nations, represented by the multidisciplinary expertise of 6,000 engineers, economists, scientists, managers and planners.

India Construction Equipment Market Outlook – Infrastructure Construction to Drive the Demand

Mumbai, Maharashtra, August 28, 2017 /– Global market intelligence firm, Netscribes, Inc. released its latest report on the ‘Construction Equipment Market in India 2017‘. The construction equipment market is driven by increased usage of earth moving equipment, increased number of mining activities, increased spending on infrastructure, and increased spending on residential and non-residential projects.

Netscribes’ latest market research report titled Construction Equipment Market in India 2017 states that the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13% over the period FY 2015 to FY 2020. Construction equipment can be categorized under five heads such as earth moving equipment, concrete equipment, material handling equipment, road construction equipment and material processing equipment. A major share of the construction equipment market is occupied by the earth moving construction equipment. Backhoe loaders, compaction equipment, crawler excavators, mobile cranes and wheeled loaders are the six major machine types that dominate the construction equipment market in India. The market is expected to grow volume – wise at a CAGR of 13.5% over the period FY 2015 to FY 2020.

The market is expected to display immense growth prospects due to the increased number of housing projects in recent years. Increasing government spending on infrastructure development, including roads, metro rails, flyovers and commercial complexes will further help to surge the construction equipment market growth over the next few years. However, regulatory issues, environmental concerns and delays in project approval hamper construction projects, and limits sales of construction equipment in India. Major construction equipment companies operating in India include Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd., Escorts Ltd., Brady & Morris Engineering Company Ltd., BEML Ltd., and JCB India Pvt. Ltd. Huge investments are being made in all sectors in the infrastructural space which will ensure rapid growth in the construction equipment market over the next few years.

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India Ceramic Tiles Market Outlook – Booming Real Estate Sector & Innovative Products Driving Growth

Mumbai, Maharashtra, August 23, 2017 /– Global market intelligence firm, Netscribes, Inc. released its latest report on the ‘Ceramic Tiles Market in India 2017‘. Ceramics industry in India is witnessing a robust growth following the increase in the disposable income of India’s population.

Netscribes’ latest market research report titled Ceramic Tiles Market in India 2017 tracks the long and rich history of ceramic tiles production, the modern manufacturing process of various types of tiles and the dynamic global ceramic tiles market. Indian ceramic tiles market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, but currently, has low per capita consumption in comparison with other developed nations. Increased infrastructure spending by the Government of India, coupled with rapid urbanization is promoting the demand for residential and commercial buildings. With boom in the real estate sector, the ceramic tiles market is expected to see further growth in the coming years. The report also notes the expanding production and consumption patterns of ceramic tiles in India, which is now the third largest producer in the world. With the introduction of modern technology in designing and manufacturing, the market has opened up new segments such as 3D tiles, germ-free tiles and artistic designer tiles.

One of the basic problems faced by the industry is the non-availability of sufficient workers to do labor intensive operations. Although unorganized players make up 60% of the total ceramic tiles market of India, the organized sector is fast outpacing the former, with breakthrough innovation and strategic alliances. Declining manufacturing competitiveness of China coupled with changing consumer lifestyle is set to drive the tremendous growth expected in the Indian ceramic tiles market.

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Netscribes ( is a global market intelligence and content management firm with services across the research and information value chain. Venture-funded by US and Singapore private equity firms, the company provides tactical and actionable insights to its clients and enables effective decision-making and strategic implementation.

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Hindware launches ‘Startwith theExpert’ TVC Campaign with Brand

New Delhi, Delhi, August 16, 2017 /– Bollywood Icon Shah Rukh Khan dons the avatar of an expert guide as he urges customers to #StartWithTheExpert for India’s leading sanitary ware brand Hindware’s new TVC campaign. Through the television commercial, Hindware communicates its philosophy of being the Expert Companion in helping consumers make their dream bathrooms.

Mr. Sandip Somany, VCMD, HSIL Limited said, “As a brand, with close to 6 decades of experience, Hindwarehasgathered extensive understanding of the consumer needs and have harnessed it to offer products and services which fulfill not just the rationale but the emotional needs of the consumers.”

“Ourseries of four television commercialsreinforcesour commitment to provide high-quality bath solutions and expert advice to Indian consumers to assist them in creating their dream bathrooms.” he added.

Mr. Manish Bhatia, President BPD added, “This campaign will be amongst the largest in the industry so far and in keeping with times it will be a 360 degree campaign activating all touch points like airports, television, cinemas and internet. We intend to cement our position as 1st brand of choice for any Indian who wants to make their dream bathroom come alive. All they have to do is to start with the expert; come to Hindware”.

“I share a great relationship with Hindware and admire their quality of reinventing themselves in a product parity market to remain relevant and appealing to a larger set of audiences”, said brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan.

Concept Note

The film successfully captures the real journey that two couples go through during their journey in designing their dream bathroom. Narrated by Shah Rukh Khan, TVC takes us through two routes that different customers take to renovate their bathrooms. While one customer undertakes the project based on the examples present in the magazines and other’ssources, the other customer turns to Hindware for expert advice. When the renovation is complete, the customer who sought Hindware’s advice ends up with an extremely stylish and well-coordinated’dream bathroom’, while the other customer ends up with a ‘bathroom from hell’. The TVC ends with Shah Rukh Khan urging the customers to ‘Start with the Expert’ today.

TVC Details

Creative Agency: McCannProduction Agency: Flying SaucerDirector: Pushpender

A massive media campaign with estimated 1000+ GRP’s has been undertaken to popularize the new brand positioning through this TVC.

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IoT Market In Structure Monitoring is Expected to Grow with the Fastest rate in Middle East & Africa

New York, New York, August 14, 2017 /– The adoption of automated structure monitoring is witnessing a rapid growth, owing to government inclination across countries towards the development of smart cities, and rising untoward incidences such as earthquakes and cyclones. The real estate companies utilize IoT in structure monitoring to increase the life of existing structure with minimum maintenance cost and time, which can be sighted as one of the major contributing factors for the growth of IoT market in structure monitoring.

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As per the findings of the research, device management for structure monitoring through IoT will witness a robust growth during the forecast period. However, physical security system has been the larger revenue generator in this market, as compared to other solutions offered. Among the various platforms used in IoT for structure monitoring, application management is expected to continue contributing the largest revenue during the forecast period. Also, IoT in structure monitoring will be witnessing fastest growth in demand for applications in bridges, during 2013 – 2016. On the other hand, market for buildings is also expected to show a robust growth during the forecast period.

The market is expected to grow with the fastest rate in Middle East & Africa, during the forecast period. The fast growth is owed to the increasing penetration of IoT in structure monitoring for sky rise buildings, dams, tunnels, and oils & gas plants in MEA. The upsurge in urbanization, along with purposed investment in smart cities in the region, is expected to boost its demand. Some of the skyscraper buildings such as Burj Khalifa, Princess Tower and 23 Marina, have already implemented IoT solutions for structure monitoring to keep the structure safe with minimum cost. The market in Middle East & Africa is expected to witness a double-digit growth during the forecast period.

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The demand of physical security is witnessing rapid growth in building surveillance system. Also, increasing urbanization, in addition to the growing penetration of maintenance and repair activities in bridges in developing countries, is expected to bolster the demand of IoT in structure monitoring during the forecast period.

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High-End LED Flood Light Manufacturers in Pune by Sellonic Power Solution

Pune, Maharashtra, August 11, 2017 /– Known as a glorified name Sellonic Power Solution, was founded in the year 2016 as the manufacturer of Street Light, Flood Light, High Bay Light, Tube Light, Panel Light, LED Tube Light Driver. Our offered range is crafted using modern technology and thus, is provided with the guarantee of flawless properties. Owing to their efficient performance, high illumination and modern designs, our offered range is designed by paying utmost attention by our diligent team of professionals and has gained huge appreciation in the industry. Used eminently in the household as well as commercial & industrial needs, our provided array is accessible under cost-effective range. For the ease of our customers, we provide diverse and easy payment modes.

  • LED Street Light Manufacturers in Pune: Sellonic Power Solution is one of the Best Quality LED Street Light Manufacturers in Pune. Manufactured using the finest quality raw material and ultra-modern technology. The offered street light is integrated light that uses light emitting diodes LED as its light source. These offered street lights are availed at very cost effective rates for the clients in a timely manner.
  • LED Flood Light Manufacturers in Pune: We are engaged in LED Flood Light Manufacturers in Pune. It is available in sturdy range and provides longer service life. These Lights are designed in compliance with the international quality standards by a team of highly skilled and diligent professionals. Its performance, functional life and eco-friendly nature, make it one of the primary choices.
  • LED High Bay Light Manufacturer in Pune: Sellonic Power Solution is involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of LED High Bay Light that is known for its supreme quality. We offer reliable quality products at competitive market prices. These are designed from the optimum quality raw material under the supervision of the best industry experts at our well-equipped infrastructure.
  • LED Tube Light in Pune: We are engaged in providing excellent quality LED Tube Light in Pune. Offered lights are precisely designed by our experts for reducing dependency on conventional power and for lighting up streets, gardens, campuses etc. Our esteemed clients can avail these lights from us at market leading prices.
  • LED Panel Light in Pune: We gained in the market for exporting and supplying best quality LED Panel Light in Pune. Widely appreciated in the market for their contemporary design and superior functionality, these panels are widely used in offices, restaurants and homes. They are perfect in size, superior in design and high in performance.
  • LED Flameproof WellGlass Manufacturer in Pune: We are offering high quality LED Flameproof Well Glass Manufacturer in Pune to the esteemed customers. These products are made available to the clients in varied specifications, in order to meet their specific needs efficiently.
  • LED Flameproof Bulkhead Light Manufacturer in Pune: We are providing an exclusive gamut of LED Flameproof Bulkhead Light Manufacturer in Pune. This light is manufactured with high precision by utilizing pristine quality raw material and cutting-edge technology by our highly skilled experts.
  • LED Driver Manufacturer in Pune: We are a widely acclaimed manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter of a wide series of LED Driver Manufacturer in Pune. The drivers we offer are precisely engineered under the guidance of adept engineers

LED Light Manufacturer in Pune

Sellonic Power Solution Leading LED Light Manufacturer in Pune. Our product range includes LED Downlight such as Semox LED Downlight. We are thanking you for your valuable inquiry to us for the Led Products.LED

Street Lights in Pune

Sellonic Power Solution is one of the eminent manufacturers of optimum quality Vista LED Street Light. Manufactured using the finest quality raw material and ultra-modern technology by our adroit professionals, the offered street light is integrated light that uses light emitting diodes LED as its light source.
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