No problem doing bold topics: Ramya Pranjali Tanna

Ramya Pranjali Tanna will be possibly India’s first actor to star in a Hollywood comedy film, as director Rameshnath Venkat Rao’s Hollywood project, which portray the true life story of a po*n star Director Suneet Vohra who has announced his latest film comedy film “My Wife’s Bf has cast model Ramya Pranjali Tanna to play a bold role in the film.
While the rest of the star cast is not known, sources close to Tribhuvan Trilok Films the production house, said that actresses Mahima Singh as well as Pranita Nikki Singh are part of the project.
Now sources say that director Suneet Vohra shot some “test scenes with Ramya Pranjali Tanna which have apparently got leaked. We wonder if these spate of leaks after Sanjjanaa Galrani’s footage from Dandupaiya 2 also got leaked has got something to do with leaky ceilings during monsoons.
Suneet Vohra was impressed with photographs of Ramya Pranjali Tanna shot by international glamour photographer Lynn Baxter. The Mumbai-based model had recently shot with Lynn Baxter for a German men’s magazine. The entire shoot was organised and co-ordinated in India by the portal

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