Neoalta Specialty Clinic Launches Audicco Speech Hearing Centre at Chembur Location

Vashi, Navi Mumbai,12 August, 2015 – Neoalta Specialty Clinic, with a solid presence in Navi Mumbai for 12 years, is now extending its services at a Chembur location. The Audicco Speech & Hearing Clinic at Neoalta provides excellent diagnostic, preventive, surgical, and rehabilitative treatment for a wide range of speech and hearing-related conditions.

The newly launched Chembur facility will provide:

  • ENT and Hearing test evaluation
  • Medical or surgical management of hearing loss
  • Hearing aid for every budget and lifestyle

The specialty high-performance hearing aids offered in the Chembur facility include water resistant, smallest, invisible, and I-phone compatible hearing aids.

If you happen to live closer to the Chembur area in Mumbai, then this facility will now offer all the speech or hearing related treatment services that you are used to getting in the Navi Mumbai facility for so long. The focus of the new health-care center will be to detect hearing problems caused by urban lifestyles, and offer suitable solutions. While many of the hearing-related problems can be treated with medicine, some severe conditions may require surgery.

The Audicco Hearing and Speech Clinic deliver world-class hearing diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation facilities. The highly qualified, multi-disciplinary specialists share collective medical wisdom to provide solutions for urban-lifestyle centric hearing and speech problems.

The specialists in this facility base their treatment philosophy on extensive patient education, so that the informed patients can make the right decisions about treating their hearing impairments.

Notes to Editor

Neoalta offers solutions for complex medical, surgical & lifestyle requirements of India’s urban population. Neoalta Healthcare offers unique service treatment-delivery models for comprehensive management of major health conditions.

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