Leo Technosoft elucidates the significance of SOAR for manufactures at CIO Manufacturing Summit

Pune, Maharashtra, September 6, 2017 /– Cyber-attack is the most malicious strike for any company. Internet of Things has added to the complexity and every sector is under threat from the culture of computers. SOAR is Security Operations Analytics and Reporting platform, which offers organizations effective solutions for critical and vulnerable threats. Any unusual activity or data breach is a potential threat for a company. To overcome these problems, SOAR provides adaptive access control and real time behaviour analysis. At a recent CIO Manufacturing Summit organized in Mumbai on August 11-12, 2017, Leo Technosoft elaborated the importance and implicit use of this platform for cyber security.

In today’s tech-savvy world, cyber-attacks and thus cyber security has also gained popularity. SOAR platform enables operations team to take prioritized actions against cyber-attacks and report the data for better future planning and business developments. It is an intelligence driven system that provides continuous monitoring for all deliberate exploitations of computer systems. It strengthens organization’s cyber security. It is an adaptive security framework which monitors, detects, prevents and reports data breaches, unauthenticated access, web threats, malware and any other vulnerability. The decision-applying and context-aware feature of SOAR makes it imperative for reinforcing the cyber-security.

SOAR platform provides security incident response, security operations automation and vulnerability and threat management. With only basic security systems in place it becomes difficult to ensure cyber security. Traditional methods and algorithms cannot cope up with new threats and vulnerabilities which emerge on daily basis. A strong, self-evolving and self-learning system is needed for analysing new attacks and potential threats. Agility is the new way to conquer the business growth and SOAR is no doubt the best possible platform to achieve agile cyber security.

Addressing to CIO on SOAR and cyber security, Leo Technosoft’s Security Director, Satyen Jain, said, “Leo Technosoft has always envisioned for the best and most effective technical solution to fight cyber-crime. Cyber Security is a crucial and critical agenda in today’s gadget loving world. All sectors, be it information technology, industrial, manufacturing, management, banking are using latest devices and are part of Internet of Things. SOAR can definitely benefit these sectors by providing real-time security data reporting and context-driven approach to enhance cyber security.

With Real-time analysis of security alerts, information management, compliance reporting, incident logging and operations automation, SOAR is the best platform for your organization to enhance and strengthen cyber security.

Notes to Editor

About Leo Technosoft’s Intelligence Driven SOC:

Leo TechnoSoft’s Intelligence Driven SOC is an integrated Stack of Security Solutions – Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), Identity and Access Management (IDM), Privilege Identity Management (PIM) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), which is built on Security Big Data. Leo TechnoSoft’s Intelligence Driven SOC is based on SOAR stack, which can correlate Device Events, Identity, Access and Context together to predict advance risks and threats across all IT layers. Leo TechnoSoft’s Intelligence Driven SOC has inbuilt capability of Security Analytics, which collects events from all integrated security solutions to conduct analytics on User Behaviors, activities, security events & threats and Identities.

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