India’s very own desi-p*rn artiste Ishika Borah denied visa by Pakistan

Bollywood actress and India’s first art-nude model Ishika Borah has been denied visa by Pakistan to shoot there. Borah was scheduled join an Indian cast and crew unit with director Rameshnath Venkat Rao.

Ishika Borah said she is very sad and disappointed that out of the unit of 22 all other 21 persons were granted visas and she was the only one denied a visa.

However, sources in the Pakistan High Commission said that Borah’s visa was not denied, but has been delayed as some documents were not in place.

Mumbai-based model Ishika Borah is India’s first actor to star in a Hinglish Adult Sex-Comedy (soft-porn-comedy) film, like the 2002 British-French-American sex comedy film written by Tracey Jackson and directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer titled “The Guru”.

The only thing is that this project is far more steamier than “The Guru” and if sources are to be believed will possibly also have real-porn scenes in the 120-minute film.


Ishika Borah became India’s first artiste to officially shoot porn sequences for director Rameshnath Venkat Rao’s Hinglish Adult Sex-Comedy film “My Wife’s Bf” produced by Suneet Vohra of Tribhuvan Trilok Films. Of course the shoot did not take place in India and we are not sure if those porn scenes will finally make it to the film.

Director Rameshnath Venkat Rao’s Holly-Bollywood project, which portrays the true life story of a porn star is being produced and co-directed by Suneet Vohra who has announced his latest film comedy film “My Wife’s Bf”

Rao and Vohra have cast art-nude model Ishika Borah to play a steamy role in the film. While the rest of the star cast is not known, sources close to Tribhuvan Trilok Films – the production house, said that actresses Mahima Singh as well as Soniya Priya Kapoor are part of the project.

Suneet Vohra was impressed with photographs of Ishika Borah shot by international glamour photographer Lynn Baxter. The Mumbai-based art nude model had recently shot with Lynn Baxter for a German men’s magazine.

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